Our team

Our team

«Only through the coordinated work of a team, we can do what millions of people alone can not do!»
Serhii Koval Founder, CEO «Kosmotech»

«Only through the coordinated work of a team, we can do what millions of people alone can not do!»

Serhii Koval Founder, CEO «Kosmotech»

«Kosmotech» is open to changes! Innovation is a priority for our company, as we strive to accelerate overall economic growth to improve people’s quality of life and change the world for the better.

We are constantly improving existing practices and creating new brands, launching new projects and offering new services, anticipating the wishes of our partners. We are open to new progressive ideas that correspond to our values.

Our core asset — our team, which we are constantly developing, giving freedom of expression, rewarding initiative and responsibility, giving a sense of safety and confidence in the future to all team members and their families.

We have brought together honest team players who share our common values! We are all fast, polite, humane, reliable, flexible, and responsible! An effective Kosmotech team is already achieving unrealistic goals. Joining forces for a common goal is the only way to move forward with confidence.

Let’s get to know each other better

Let’s get to know each other better

Текст, над тим, який треба приховати

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«Live life to the fullest, not exist!»

Serhii Koval
Founder, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) 

If Richard Branson needed a motivator, he would turn to Serhii Koval.

«Fearlessly forward and only with a smile»

Tetiana Shvets
CAO (Chief Accountant Officer)

I will spread the clouds with my hands, but the budget balance will come together!

«Want to move fast, go alone. Want to get far, go with the Team»

Mykhailo Buriachenko
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

I expected that the Egyptian pyramids could be built 20% cheaper!

«You can only succeed by going against the1 crowd!»

Oleksandr Ryzhak
CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)

— Alex, we need to buy Tesla Cybertruck!
— Okay, already shipped to the port of Odesa! 😉

«Nothing is impossible!»

Yevhen Kharybin
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Does not understand why Columbus was discovering America for so long. Knows how he would do it three times faster!

«If you want to aim at the moon, aim at the stars!»

Yaroslav Alekseichuk
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) 

If he could start advertising housing on the Moon, there would be no soul on Earth in a month!

«Be yourself, follow your goals and never give up!»

Maryna Bondar
HRO (Human Resources Officer) 

At home — a wonderful wife, loving mother, at work — hunts for Elon Mask.

«The main thing is desire, enthusiasm, and team, and if you have that all — goals are achieved at once!»

Andrii Chernyshov
Head of Partner Growth Unit 

Author of unfailing sales scripts in Eastern markets! 😉

«If it is challenging, you are on the right path!»

Inna Oliinyk
Happiness Manager 

When St. Nicholas is on vacation, Inna will figure everything out!

Want to join us?

Would you like to be part of the Kosmo team? We need a person who is ready to join us for new achievements! We will consider your candidacy and give a personal answer about possible options for future cooperation!